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We have a ton of people at Unity who have been or are involved in the demoscene. Assembly is one of the largest demoscene parties, and this year we were sponsoring the event, sent in some folks there and had a couple of seminar presentations. Our presentations were not directly Unity related, but still might be interesting for some of you.

I talked about developing graphics technology for small games (PDF slides). Mostly on hardware statistics, GPU features, testing and stability.
[vimeo clip_id=”6128236″ width=”504″ height=”284″]

ReJ talked about low level iPhone (pre-3GS) rendering details (PDF slides). On inner workings of iPhone’s GPU, OpenGL ES drivers, command buffers, VFP assembly and so on. Some awesome tech stuff in there!
[vimeo clip_id=”6064955″ width=”504″ height=”284″]

If you’re going to watch some demos from Assembly 2009, make sure to see:

  • Frameranger (1st place demo). Imagine that on a big screen and a good sound system!
  • The Golden Path (3rd place demo) – for something fresh.
  • Muon Baryon (1st place 4 kilobyte intro) – that’s what kids do with sphere marching on the GPU these days. Everything in 4 kilobytes!

…see you at Breakpoint next year? :)

4 replies on “Presentations from Assembly 2009 demo party”

Nice presentations guys! It’s also nice to see people caring about SM2 (or below?) in a world seemingly full of beefy SM3,4,5 cards! :) (I just finished tuning our vs_2_0/ps_1_4 path)

Cool to read that some demoscene folks are working for Unity. Back in the days me and a couple of fellow students won the 5th price in the intro compo on Assembly 1994(!) with Psychic Flight. Our team was named Spirit.

In those days the Scandanavia people ruled the demoscene for example FutureCrew

Oh well nostalgia…

I think it’s a good thing you sponser those activities. There’s very much talent amongst those guys! Maybe you could make a compo where the people have to use Unity.

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