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UPDATE: Anima2D is now free on the Asset Store!

At Unity, we are always looking for new ways to help our developers and provide them with the best tools possible. To that end, we are excited to announce that Anima2D, a popular skeletal animation software, will be available to the entire Unity developer community for free starting in January 2017! Along with this powerful tool, we welcome one of the asset creators, Sergi Valls, into our dedicated 2D team.

Improving the 2D creation experience

We’re committed to the goal of democratizing development and Anima2D will be an important part of improving our toolset and workflow for developers who are focused on the 2D space. Anima2D’s unique approach to 2D animation and 2D character tools combined with Sergi’s experience will be a pivotal part of this effort.

Anima2D features

  • image002D Bones
  • Sprite to mesh conversion
  • SpriteMesh Editor
  • Automatic weights
  • Weight Editor
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Save / Load Poses
  • Atlas compatible
  • Bake Animation to Bones
  • Onion Skin
  • Create Avatar Masks

Working with Unity

In an effort to further improve the asset, we will be temporarily taking Anima2D off the asset store for the month of December. It will be relaunched in January free to the Unity community with revised documentation and essential support to continue helping developers create the best projects possible. We’re doing this because we believe in its value and want you to be able to use Anima2D to the fullest extent possible.

For full documentation on the asset, reference the Anima2D User Guide.

We’d like to thank Joaquim Virgili and Sergi Valls from Mandarina Games for bringing Anima2D to the Unity developer community!

58 replies on “Unity expands 2D offerings with Anima2D”

This is great news in two ways. I saw a demo of this tool at the Unite 2016 in Amsterdam and was blown away.
So great to hear it will be part of the 2D tools. Secondly — and even greater news — I am really happy for Sergi being part of the team now.

Any plan to allow the creation of animationclips with spritesheets at runtime adn of course also the animator controller component?

I know this is a specific use, I’m reading from external files sprite atlases and create them at runtime, I’m at the moment struggling with create an animation system to play those sheets like they would do in editor. Would be fine if I could use the legacy animation system and create thsoe clips at runtime, but since the legacy system is deprecated and can’t add sprites to clips at runtime I’m pretty much stuck with a custom solution which is a bit overcomplicated at least for me.

Mecanim is nice and all but is a bit overkill for simple spritesheets animations plus the fact that can’t do much at runtime other than overriding a controller with another giving me fixed options while isntead I’m trying to give the ability to people to mod the game and add their own animations of varied length and frames.

As I said is too much use specific I know, but any info if there is a solution beign researched at least to make spritesheets animationclip out of code would be nice to hear.


Anima2D will remain as a separate package. However, together with Sergi (now in Team 2D) we are building this feature directly into Unity. The end result will be seamless and not a Unity with Anima2D preinstalled.


Now, if we could get all the 2D stuff promised _over a year ago_ as well, then we would really have a terrific 2D game making environment…

Come on, how hard can it be to actually ship the 2D stuff you promised way back and that you shown off in several experimental releases. And it doesn’t seem like these features will be in 5.6 either :-(

We’re showing the features off in experimental previews to get feedback. When the feedback is that more work is needed, then what do you want us to do — just ignore that and ship them anyway?

That said, some of the features you’ve seen in the experimental previews are coming in 5.6 — Sprite Sorting Groups and Axis Distance Sorting are already lined up, and there may still be more coming before the release is locked down.

It’s not really my intention to sound too harsh. I really love Unity and especially the 2D parts, which is what I mainly work with (and teach to quite a number of young kids every week).

When Unity showed of the new 2D stuff at the Unite Keynote 2015 I was extremely excited. Not only was there some of the stuff that Unity needed badly for a long time, such as a tile map editor, but there were several innovative tools that would really, really make the 2D workflow much better. (Yes, you can buy similar stuff in the Asset Store, but I can’t really use paid for assets educational purposes, such as video tutorials and meetups with young kids). However, one year later very few of these tools have shown up in Unity. Some are available in experimental builds, which are fun to test out, but it is nothing that you can use for real. Looking at the road map all the exciting updates keep on getting pushed back with no firm release date. This is really disheartening and sad. It’s like nested prefabs all over again… :-(

Anima2D is a really great asset, and I think it is terrific that you will include it with Unity in the future. Great move!

Is there will be any improve on «baking IK animation to bone» feature on release? Like baking at Build/Compile time process like sprite atlas generates (or) baking in Unity’s existing way. Because at the moment in Anima2D after baking process, if we need to roll back, we have to manually replace with backuped non-baked Animation files (Motion). And Onion skin doesn’t work in rare case while using large «Step» frame value.

Baking is a major undertaking. We won’t improve the current baking system beyond essential fixes. We’ll take your feedback into the new system we are ‘baking’ :)

I guess that depends on what your art is doing. You can surely animate a sprite that is viewed from top down. We don’t have an example to show you but the skin & bone concept is applicable.

«At Unity, we are always looking for new ways to help our developers and provide them with the best tools possible»

*Stares* am I reading that right… and so that’s why I bought an in development node shader editor to use… what else csg leveling tools? better terrain tooling? texturing? text? better ugui/editor tools?

Atleast this one takes care of more of the 2d side of things… probably give it a go next year… can it generate an extruded 3d collider version of the 2d collider for the character/prop?

Overwhelming level of entitledness. If you can’t already make an amazing game with vanilla Unity (like thousands of people do everyday) then maybe there are bigger issues you should be worrying about.

I see no entitlement whatsoever in their post, so check your fanboyism!

IMO, and with very strong argument, the ONLY valid reason to use Unity is exclusively because of the asset store. To use ‘Unity vanilla’ to make games is logic that boggles my mind (or games that I’d be embarrassed to make) because by itself, it’s a pretty crappy engine. Might as well save yourself time and write your own engine. I did, and it ended up being (in the long run) faster, better, easier, and infinitely more efficient. However, add that asset store? Every major asset, and Unity begins to save more time, becomes easier to work with, and although less efficient still… it transforms from a crappy to ‘okay’ engine to a great or amazing engine.

Asset Store or bust. That is why I use Unity. The ONLY reason. And only for very specific type of games. And only because I ALREADY know Unity (hundreds/thousands hours experience in it). If I didn’t know any Unity at all? What a bad decision it would be to use it. This coming from a fan of Unity; a long time user since Unity 2.

I think that says more about your ability at programming, as the assets were built using vanilla Unity. The aim of the asset store is for teams not to reinvent the wheel if there is a suitable off the shelf solution.

Yes and no. We won’t ship a version of Unity with Anima2D preinstalled (duct taped). But we will have features to rig and animate 2D characters builtin to Unity that will work seamlessly with the rest of the engine. Sergi, the creator of Anima2D will work hard to ensure that.

Oooh man! That is really a great news for the community, but TERRIBLE news for me that just recently purchased Anima2D :(

Any chances refund for recent purchases will be made?

I’m really happy for the developers. They really got noticed and are getting the opportunity to take their tool further. For us, users, the experience will most likely be even better.

But yeah, Anima2D was not cheap and I’m a little disappointed. I really didn’t see this coming.

I’m curious to know what is going to be their statement on this.

Well… Anima2D is currently unavailable, I was going to purchase it, but then again, now I have to wait for it to be rerealeased, so, you are not in such a bad standing.

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