Автор публикаций Amir Ebrahimi

Unity Labs: AutoLOD — Experimenting with automatic performance improvements

Январь 12, 201840

Would you be willing to trade storage cost for up to a 10x improvement in rendering performance? If so, then read on… Check out the code ... Подробнее

Экспериментальная сборка EditorVR уже доступна!

Декабрь 15, 201632

Создавайте инструменты для VR и интегрируйте их с Unity. Бесплатный EditorVR уже доступен! Возможно, вы уже знаете о нашей работе над созда... Подробнее

Toronto + Unity: First User Group Meeting

Ноябрь 25, 20097

Tony Garcia, Director of Business Development, and I went to Toronto recently for a whirlwind Unity tour like the one Tom Higgins did not to... Подробнее

«Touch Phases» Example iPhone Project

Сентябрь 5, 20096

I decided to clean up the Touch Phases project I had from a while back and post it to our iPhone example projects. You can now record and pl... Подробнее

Updated FPS Tutorial + New Video Tutorial

Август 6, 200911

You asked and we deliver. While the FPS tutorial is version 1.x Unity content, it still has a little life left in it for getting you star... Подробнее

Unity iPhone 1.1 Standard Assets

Июль 29, 20099

The Demo Team is putting the finishing touches on the iPhone Standard Assets that will go out with the Unity iPhone 1.1. release. There are ... Подробнее

My first post, and an iPhone touch phase mini-tutorial!

Май 7, 20099

This is my first post on the Unity blog and will be short because...hey, I still have more work to do. However, I wanted to drop a quick... Подробнее